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2021 The love of the Corona era

   Many things have been banned. The border is closed, and neither movement nor travel is free. Public facilities were restricted from entering and even private meetings were restricted. The old rules have been shattered and the new rules have not yet been used yet.

   Phono Sapiens was already familiar with the life of untact and non-contact relationships. However, voluntary and involuntary non-independent are different. After the fandom, they are tired of non-face-to-face life and demand freedom of face-to-face. Pono sapiens, who had alienated himself, now feels that alienation destroys the community. That is empathy for tragedy. It is the love of the Corona era that asks family members and acquaintances who are quarantined through Kakao Talk and video calls, processes and communicates online, and cares about each other's safety.


   The work is based on the memory of a girl who met in a remote village during a photo trip to Ethiopia last year. The scene in which an Aboriginal girl living in a remote house climbed on the roof, waved her cell phone around and tried to get a signal, and our attempts to date online were overlapped to express "The love of the Corona era."


2020  Memories of Sungsu


   While hipsters appear in unique cafes, restaurants, living shops, and art spaces that heat up SNS, and start-ups of young bosses nestle one by one, there are about 450 handmade shoe producers and elderly craftsmen living in raw materials factories that are entangled like cobwebs. Here, with the charm of reversal, is the image of Seongsu-dong in my neighborhood.


  To capture Seongsu-dong's unexpected charm in one cut, he approached Show Window. Show Window is the face of a shop and the face of a city. The show window, which is seen both inside and outside at the same time, eventually absorbs everything, including "I," and reflects back. As the shoes and mannequins displayed inside the showroom overlap with the outside scenery reflected in the show window and hipsters visiting Seongsu-dong, the reality and illusion that are hard to distinguish from each other create a new story of Seongsu-dong.  A new Seongsu-dong, which is unconscious and unseen, will be born.





2020   my Neighborhood / the children of my neighborhood


   In Omo Valley, near Ethiopia's southern tip and border with Kenya, various tribesmen still live in a traditional lifestyle. In the time of nature, when the sun rose, they got up, farming, livestock, and slept against each other's body temperature in a dirt house with cowhide on the floor when the sun went down. The benefits of civilization such as electricity, water and computers are rare and the educational and medical environment has been poor. Children's bare feet running on rough ground were scratched, scarred and thickly callused. With my worried look on my face, the village guide replied in a firm voice, "We are not poor, we are living in a traditional way."


   That's what I saw in Africa for 50 days. There were many children everywhere and they were energetic. His naive face and strong eyes left him a sense of self-esteem as the descendant of "Lucy," the ancestor of mankind. Children living in Morondaba walked barefoot along the bumpy dirt road with the rising sun early in the morning to school. Laughter bloomed on the way to school with friends and brothers, being seen off by the baobab tree. Poverty and indecent behavior are common in Africa, but deficiency is not all of the landscape.


   In 1884 in Berlin, the imperialists cut Africa by drawing their own lines according to their interests. Partitioning rule, which disregarded language, religion and lifestyle, shared the same race and united other races, has added to political and social unrest. Wars and terrorism caused by religious and tribal conflicts have stained the African continent with blood.


   The great African writer Naguib Mahfouz described in his novel "Children of Gebelawi(Children of My Neighborhood)" the history of mankind, who has continued great resistance by force and love, unabated by the pain and poverty of life, and by the injustice and oppression of the ruling class. His writings won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1988 to gain universality as a world literature.


   I picked up a square mirror and recorded the children and nature of our neighborhood that Naguib loved, the civilization of the past and the daily life they have achieved. I emphasized the beautiful nature by adding a mirror to the camera's eyes. Once again, by applying the form of magical realism to mirror work, they tried to find out what they missed through the overlapping cracks in the mirror and reveal the vitality of their daily lives in various ways. I handed a mirror to children who showed curiosity in my mirror so that they could meet their beautiful appearance.


   The descendants of "Lucy," who is also my ancestor, and the African-My neighborhood and my neighborhood children, who went through the childhood of mankind, happily continued their hard mirror work, hoping that the noon of history would come once again.



2019 Eye of the argos  


   As a child I was attracted to strange stories and paintings. Alchemists and wizards, stories of non-existent animals and plants, were enchanted by the world in the kaleidoscope. It may have been an extension of this fascination that led to the likes of René Magritte or M.C.Eche. Their work, which expresses circular time perspective and multilayered view of space, has become deeply conscious of my consciousness.


   Since 2018, he has tried to see various worlds using mirrors, and this has been a serious experiment and a joyous pastime. They used mirrors to attract and transform images, and created narratives using multiple mirrors


  While traveling to South America for 63 days in April and May 2019, he worked almost paranoidly on mirror photograph. By looking through the mirror, he changed from a one-eyed Cyclops to an Argos with 100 eyes, attracting a picture of a space beyond the usual visual range at a glance. To fold, bend, reflect, enlarge an image, confine, or multiply in the wrong place. By showing traces of time due to optical illusions, we made the real-life and virtual boundaries ambiguous, thus twisting the concept of three-dimensional space and one-way time. The shape, number, size, and location of objects corresponding to the objective properties could be changed to the variable nature by magic, so space and time could be expressed subjectively.


   This is the application of the Magic Realism, a literary technique of Latin American writers, including Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Marquez created the fictional city of Macondo through a literary epic that goes against the rules of the real world in his novel "A Loneliness of 100 Years." In my mirror image, the reality and the illusion are surrealistically and cleverly combined. It wanted to show the third reality by removing the wall separating reality from reality by mirror at the point where fiction and reality are interconnected. While looking at the picture, you find yourself unwittingly moving from the realm of reality to the realm of fiction. This experience of free flow into real and virtual space is expected to give wings to the imagination of convergence between subjects.


   In the modern art of seeking novelty, I tried to look back at our lives and realities through the forms and contents through mirrors, and this joyous pastime is likely to continue for the time.

2019  Macondo


   Marquez created the fictional city of Macondo through a literary epic that goes against the rules of the real world in his novel "A Loneliness of 100 Years." In my mirror image, the reality and the illusion are surrealistically and cleverly combined. It wanted to show the third reality by removing the wall separating reality from reality by mirror at the point where fiction and reality are interconnected.

2019  NEXT


   Mirror photography. We looked in the mirror at the environmental problems we faced. I expressed the nature before the human race, the present after the human race, and the future that will come next with the metaphors of mirrors, masks, and colors. A mirror is the role of a window to reveal the truth, and a curved mirror distorts and breaks the truth. A mask is a human form and represents an undesirable means of hiding the truth. It expressed the uncertain future in a virtual color.


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